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Essentials Only - Spirulina Kit

For the adventures growers!


If you want to assemble the kit yourself and get only the essential parts and nutrients from us, this is the kit for you! 


Before you know it, you’ll have a daily supply of fresh spirulina at your fingertips.


Each kit includes:
• Growing Spirulina at Home step-by-step guidebook
• Starter Growing Mix, good for 40 liters of culture

• Everyday Feeding Mix, good for more than 700 g of fresh Spirulina!
• A bottle of iron solution good for 300 liters of culture
• Special harvest screen
• Digital pH meter
• Secchi stick (for measuring spirulina density)

** The kit does not include an aquarium or spirulina starter culture. 


We recommend ordering a Spirulina live culture together with your kit.

Click here to order a high-density live Spirulina culture.


Spirulina culture is easy to find and is shipped worldwide. 

Here is a useful link to help you choose the best culture for you:

Where to get Spirulina culture from?


At Grow Spirulina, we’re a team of expert growers who have been selling spirulina starter kits worldwide since 2012!


We proudly offer a 100% success guarantee.

Essentials Only - Spirulina Kit

279.00$ Regular Price
179.00$Sale Price
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