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Spirulina growing



  • Does growing Spirulina take a lot of time?
    Like any other hobby, cultivating Spirulina may take as much time as you want, but a simple installation requires very little work. Spirulina more or less grows by itself. Just watch for temperature, pH and general conditions. A few minutes a day, and you get yourself a homegrown super-food. Harvest time is no longer than 5 minutes.
  • How long will it take me to grow the Spirulina until I can start eating from it?
    The Spirulina growing process is very quick and usually takes 2- 4 weeks. When you begin the growth process, you will have about 1 liter of living Spirulina culture. You put the 1 liter of Spirulina with 5 liters of regular tap water and let the sun do its works. After a few days the Spirulina will become thicker and thicker and that is the time you add more tap water, continue this way until the tank is full. Once the tank is full and the Spirulina is thick you can start eating your home made Spirulina Super- Food!
  • I consume dried Spirulina powder for about 5 years, what is the difference between it and fresh Spirulina?"
    The differences are significant and in several aspects. Comparing fresh Spirulina to dried Spirulina, is like comparing fresh strawberry to strawberry powder. What would you rather eat? Dried Spirulina gains strong tastes and odors that most people find unpleasant. Unlike the dry one, the fresh Spirulina has no smell or taste. This way makes it is easier to add it to all kinds of foods without any difficulty. It won't ruin your favorite dish. This is a big advantage when you are sensitive to tastes and odors. Dried Spirulina is undergoing a process of conservation, this process causes breakage of the cell. There are several ways to dry it, but all have a huge decrease in nutritional values ​​, an average 60-70 %. So, after drying, Spirulina is not rich as we tend to think. When you are growing Spirulina at home, you have full control of what goes (and what doesn't) into your body. We also get enthusiastic responses from growers all over the world about this wonderful and unique experience of growing your own health food. Hope we helped you understand the benefits.
  • How to eat fresh Spirulina?
    The recommended amount of fresh Spirulina is a teaspoon a day, for an adult, and half of that for a child under the age of 14. If you have special need for nutrients you can take more than that and up to 4 teaspoons of fresh Spirulina for a day, but for the majority of people a teaspoon a day is enough. You can eat Spirulina in a number of ways: In a smoothie, salad, spread or juice. You can find delicious recipes with Spirulina in our website. Do not heat or cook the Spirulina or it will lose some of its nutritional value.
  • How to choose a location for my Spirulina tank?
    If you don't have a tank yet, consider which would be the most suitable for you. For at least several hours a day, the tank should be in a sunny spot, as the most important element in the growth of the culture is sunlight. You can place it near a window, on the roof, or in a garden. We’ve also had good experience placing the tank on shelves set on a windowsill, if there is no other option. Just keep it safe.
  • How much Spirulina will I get?
    The amount of Spirulina you will get depends on two factors. The size of your tank, and how much sun your Spirulina gets. For one person, usually a 25 liter tank is enough. It will produce about a teaspoon of fresh Spirulina a day. You can get a bigger tank if you want to produce more Spirulina for more people. But it doesn't necessarily mean that a 50 liter tank will produce twice the amount of a 25 liter tank. The reason for that is when you have a large tank, there is more Spirulina in the depth of the tank that gets less sun, so two medium sized tanks are better than one big tank. So choose a nice location to place your tank so it will get a few hours of direct sunlight every day. This way, your Spirulina will prosper and be very productive.Happy growing!
  • Does it smell?
    No. Unlike dried Spirulina, fresh Spirulina has not smell or taste, making it much easier to mix into your food and drinks.
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