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The Easiest Way to Grow Spirulina at Home  

growing spirulina


We are selling Spirulina kits worldwide since 2012!


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Eco Friendly

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With high nutritional value

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Spirulina growing kit


Complete Spirulina kit with everything you need to start growing Spirulina at home or school


At home is Easy & Fun

Spirulina harvest video by: Parafilms

Why Spirulina?

Of all the food that humans and animals can eat, Spirulina probably has the highest nutritional value. Spirulina is also easy and fun to grow. Fresh Spirulina is much healthier than the dry one sold in powder or pills. Fresh Spirulina has up to three times more nutrients and practically no smell or taste. All you need to start growing is a sunny spot, one of our easy-to-grow Spirulina Kits, and an aquarium. Five minutes a day, and you can have wonderful superfood and natural medicine. 

fresh spirulina in a bottle

Why Grow Spirulina?

Growing your own Spirulina has many benefits. Of these, the most important is that you get the best quality Spirulina possible. All the commercial Spirulina sold today goes through a drying and preservation process. While drying, the Spirulina loses up to 75% of its nutritional value. When you grow Spirulina yourself, no drying or preservation is needed, plus you know you get only the purest product without any other substances.

growing spirulina in aquarium
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Spirulina is good for:

* Athletes and physically active people

* Vegetarians and vegans

* Women during or after pregnancy

* Children or adults with poor nutrition

* People with chronic diseases

* People who are vitamin or mineral deficient

* Anyone who lives a modern lifestyle


Do you want to grow the most nutritious food on the planet in the comfort of your home? Then you should consider buying one of the Spirulina kits we offer!

People all over the world are becoming aware of the health benefits of Spirulina. Now you can easily grow it at home or anywhere else you choose. How easy is it to grow Spirulina? You just need to provide it with the right nutrients, temperature, and light, and it will soon nourish you on a daily basis.

What is Spirulina?

Before you start with growing Spirulina, you may want to understand what this superfood is all about. Spirulina is a microscopic algae, which has a spiral shape. It can grow in both salt and sweet water bodies. One of the best things about Spirulina is that it is a perfect source of protein available for consumption. In addition, Spirulina provides a healthy amount of amino acids. As a result, Spirulina can aid in the development of healthy muscle tissues.

Spirulina also contains:
Vitamins- A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9
Minerals- Calcium, Iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, and other easily absorbed minerals. Protein - 3 times more than beef
Iron - 50 times more the spinach 
Calcium - 10 times more than whole milk
Beta Carotene - 25 times more than raw carrots


growing spirulina

How to grow Spirulina?

If you want to learn how to grow Spirulina at home, the Spirulina growing kit is perfect for you. Inside the kit, you will find everything you need to know so you can start growing Spirulina at home in just a few days or weeks.You only need to read the instructions and follow the steps. Easy right?


Does it take a lot of work to grow Spirulina?

When you will receive the “step-by-step guidebook” with your Spirulina kit and Spirulina culture, you will figure out that growing this superfood is easy and enjoyable. Even if you have no prior experience with farming or gardening, it is simple to grow Spirulina with one of our kits.

The results are almost immediate, and you will see how this miraculous alga is evolving and multiplying even on the next day. The Spirulina culture you'll get is practically infinite, and you'll be able to grow it over and over again indefinitely. Simply add the nutrients included in the kit and follow the instructions. 


There is no need to put up a lot of work in terms of maintenance. In just a few minutes per week, you'll be able to grow Spirulina live culture for months and even years.


How to Eat Spirulina - Best Ways To Benefit From Fresh Spirulina

There are multiple methods available to consume Spirulina and enjoy the health benefits coming with it. For example, you can prepare Spirulina smoothies, salads, or even spreads. Also, you can add fresh Spirulina to beverages and juices of your choosing.

We suggest you don’t cook Spirulina, as heat can decrease the nutritional value. It is highly recommended to consume Spirulina as soon as you remove it from the water. You may also keep it in your refrigerator for up to 24 hours and it will remain safe and keep its nutritional value.

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