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Hello! We are Grow-Spirulina, and our goal is for you to have better access to the benefits of Spirulina, a wonderful superfood right in the comforts of your home or office.
Founded in 2012 by Carlos Vered, Grow-Spirulina has been at the forefront of creating solutions to make Spirulina more accessible to each household. At the center of our innovation is the DIY Spirulina kits. Being located in the heart of Israel means we are at the forefront of the algae industry. Because of the success of our kits, they found their way to the five continents of the world. This is a testament to the quality and the reliability of our products.
Since our inception, we have been actively supplying the community with reliable DIY Spirulina growing kits. We have come up with a proprietary method that, regardless of whether you have a prior skill in growing Spirulina or not, our kits can still ensure 100% success. Thus, with our kits, everyone has a hope of growing a steady and affordable supply of Spirulina wherever you may be.
These kits allow you to grow Spirulina whenever and wherever you are. You might be wondering how that's possible. Well, we owe our success to two things.


First, Spirulina is easier to grow than you think. You just need a tank and a place where it can enjoy a bit of sunlight. That's about it. 
Second, Grow-Spirulina employs the best and brightest minds to find innovative ways for Spirulina to thrive with the fewest resources. So, we are determined to find a better way to make Spirulina more accessible and convenient to grow. This enthusiasm is motivating us to offer you professional service and top-of-the-line Spirulina growing supplies.
Spirulina is a rewarding plant, and those willing to grow it will soon find out how nutritious and healthy it is. With all the vitamins and minerals it packs, it's no wonder it is known as a superfood in various cultures and communities around the globe. 
Whether you're just a beginner or an experienced grower, the Grow-Spirulina team can supply you with everything you need to grow Spirulina. Growing this superfood is an exciting process, one we can’t wait for you to experience! 
The Grow-Spirulina team also provides professional advice and full after-sales support as easily as an email away. So, if you have any questions, please get in touch with us, and our associates will be more than happy to answer questions or give you professional advice.

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