This is a full Spirulina kit with everything you need to start growing Spirulina superfood at home!

We gathered all the equipment and assembled it into one perfect Spirulina growing kit. The detailed guidebook will help you step by step until you have a daily supply of fresh Spirulina at home. Buy Now!

The kit includes:
• "Growing Spirulina At Home" -- A step-by-step guidebook
• Starter Growing Mix good for 50 liters of culture
• Feeding Mix good for more than four months of Spirulina for one person
• A bottle of iron solution good for 300 liters of culture
• Aquarium Heater with thermostat
• Thermometer
• High-quality aquarium air pump
• 3 meters of air hose
• Air bubble/diffuser
• Special harvest cloth
• Digital pH meter
• Secchi stick (for measuring Spirulina density)
• A small net


The kit includes all you need to start growing Spirulina at home or school. Just follow the step by step guidebook and you will soon have fresh homegrown Spirulina on daily basis.


** The kit does not include aquarium and Spirulina starter culture. 
We recommend buying a Spirulina kit before the arrival of your Spirulina culture. This way you can start producing new fresh Spirulina the moment the culture arrives. Spirulina culture without a growing kit will hold only for a short time.

Here is where you can order a Spirulina culture after your kit arrives: 

Wher to get Spirulina culture from?


We are selling Spirulina kits worldwide since 2012!

100% success guarantee.

Spirulina Kit - All included

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