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How to Grow Spirulina at Home in 4 Steps

We gathered in one place all the important and basic information you need to know before you start growing spirulina at home.

For your convenience, all you need to know about growing Spirulina at home is contained in this short and easy-to-follow guide. After you've read through the information, just order one of our easy-to-grow Spirulina growing kit.


Where will you place your new Spirulina tank?

Think where will be the best location for your Spirulina tank before you start the growing process. You should have easy access to a tank near an electric plug.

Sun exposure

Spirulina needs direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day.

A sunny window is a great place to place your new tank.

You can also put the tank in your garden, backyard, on the roof (if you have safe access) or balcony. The more sun it gets, the faster your Spirulina will grow.


Which tank to buy?

After you choose the right location, think about the suitable tank size for your needs. Think about the size, shape and style. We recommend you start with a 30-liter tank (about 8 gallons).

The Spirulina does not require any special features or an expensive tank. There are tanks with lids made of plastic, and others with artificial lighting made of lead. The lid must be transparent, if not, the algae will get much less sunlight, and you will produce less Spirulina.

Start growing!

Now all you have to choose is the right Spirulina starter kit for you. For beginners, we recommend the Spirulina kit – All included or the Super Premium - Spirulina Grow Kit which includes everything you need to start. With the kit, you will also get a step-by-step guidebook that will help you through the growing process.

After a few weeks, you will have your own Spirulina superfood you grew yourself!



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