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Spirulina Growing Fundamentals: Water and Agitation

Agitation needed to grow Spirulina

When setting up your system, an airline and air pump will serve as valuable tools to provide your Spirulina with the ample amount of dispersion to avoid the issues that may arise, and chronically do arise, from algae growing in stagnant water.

The bubbles rising through the airline tube engages airlift mechanism, minimizing stagnancy within the jar, tube, or other growing vessel. Additionally, the bubbling Spirulina makes for a calming background noise as well. Because the airline tubing does actively stay in the Spirulina medium, it is important to choose food-grade tubing material to ensure the safety of your harvest.

If a farmer does not have access to electricity, or an air pump, it is also possible to manually agitate the Spirulina 3-5 times a day, 2x day minimum. As any farmer would recommend, it is key to keep an eye of your culture and make note of any changes. Any rotting or pungent smell coming from your system is not considered normal, and the harvest should not be consumed.

Water Conditioning

When transitioning your Spirulina culture to a larger Spirulina growing system, considering the difference of pH, temperature, and overall makeup of the new Spirulina home must be particularly considered.

It is quite easy to accidentally shock your Spirulina by placing it in a medium too different than the one it was comfortable in prior. As an example, this is like if you were to suddenly transition from a comfortable room, to an extreme environment in a matter of seconds and told to survive!

Top things to consider when preparing the living conditions for your Spirulina, include temperature (68° - 85° for peak productivity, and above 45° to keep culture alive), pH (between 11-14 for human consumption, 9-14 for alternate uses), and water source (distilled water, ideally for beginners).

Water conditioning is the alkalizing of your water medium, and the addition of nutrients will help your Spirulina thrive. Your independent educator and/or culture supplier can provide more information regarding nutrient blends. We highly recommend starting with your culture supplier's nutrient blend, as crafting Spirulina nutrients mindfully, can be extremely tricky and complex, particularly if used for consumption.



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