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Grow spirulina
Grow your own super food with one of our spirulina growing kits,.

Here you will find information about the Spirulina algae, their health benefits and, most important, how to grow Spirulina yourself.

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We now send Spirulina Kits and Live Spirulina culture to:
U.S., Canada and European union Countries!

Who is Spirulina good for?

• Anyone who lives the modern lifestyle
• Athletes and physically active people
• Vegetarians and vegans
• Women during or after pregnancy
• Children or adults with poor nutrition
• People with chronic diseases
• People who are vitamin or mineral deficient

Why Spirulina?
Of all the algae that humans and animals can eat, Spirulina probably has the highest
nutritional value.
Spirulina is also easy and fun to grow. Fresh Spirulina is much healthier
the dry one - sold in powder or pills. Fresh Spirulina has up to 3 times more nutrients
practically no smell or taste.
All you need to start growing, is a sunny spot, one of our easy-to-grow Spirulina Kits and
an aquarium.
Five minutes a day, and you can have wonderful super food and a natural medicine.
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Why grow it yourself?
Growing your own Spirulina has many benefits. Of these, the most important is that you get
the best quality Spirulina possible. All the commercial Spirulina sold today goes through a
drying and preservation process. Different substances are added to the pure Spirulina and
while drying, it loses up to 70% of its nutritional value. When you grow Spirulina yourself, no
drying or preservation is needed, plus you know you get only the purest product without any
other substances. Another important characteristic is that fresh Spirulina has no smell or taste.
Many people find the dried Spirulina odor and taste unpleasant and hard to mix with other
types of food. The fresh Spirulina offers you none of the seaweed smell or taste, and it is very
easy to mix into recipes. You can find some recommended Spirulina recipes on our website.
You will be surprised how easy it is to add the spirulina to your meals or snacks.

How To Start?
We gathered in one place all you need to know before you start growing spirulina at home.
For your convenience, all you need to know about growing Spirulina at home is contained in
this easy- to-follow guide. After you’ve read through the information, just order one of our easy-
to-grow Spirulina kits. Continue reading

spirulina kitsspirulina kitsspirulina kits
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